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1. Educational program and practice             Meeting NQS

2. Children’s health and safety                       Meeting NQS

3. Physical environment                                  Meeting NQS

4. Staffing arrangements                                 Meeting NQS

5. Relationships with children                         Meeting NQS

6. Collaborative partnerships with                  Meeting NQS

families and communities

7. Governance and leadership                        Meeting NQS


Early Childhood Education & Care

Department of Education & Training

PO Box 492

Oxenford 4210

Level 1 

340 Hope Island Road

Hope Island


PH: 5656 6688



Our Philosophy 

We here at Flamingo Family Day Care aim to provide Quality of Care and Education for our children and families, in a warm, nurturing and safe environment. We encourage the recognition of Traditional Landowners and continue to nourish community relationships by creating a feeling of acceptance and building an environment supportive of our diverse culture, promoting a positive sense of self and community. It is important that our environments reflect the lives of our children which facilitates and promotes a sense of inclusion. Within our services we promote sustainability and care for the environment and support children to become environmentally responsible



Parents can receive a reduced fee through the federal government Child Care Subsidy (CCS). Families can visit the Centrelink website to apply or call 13 61 50. Families will need to register for a myGov account if you don’t already have one in order to claim benefits.

Additional Child Care Subsidy may be available in times of temporary financial hardship and/or exceptional circumstances. Please contact the service to apply.

Grandparents responsible for the care of their grandchildren may also be able to access the Child Care Subsidy. Grandparents will need to go through the same process to register for the Child Care Subsidy as explained above.

Each educator has their own individual Fee Schedule that has been approved by our Service and the Service charges families a weekly Service Levy which is included in the fee and collected through educators.

Child Care Subsidy

Are you registered for the Child Care Subsidy? The package can help parents with children aged 0-13 access work, training, study and volunteering. This subsidy is paid directly to the service, reducing your total cost of care.

Complete your online form now through myGov to find out if you or your partner are eligible for assistance with the cost of child care.


Flamingo Family Day Care Services follows the Early Years Learning Framework. Which is play based learning that builds success for life, Belonging, Being, Becoming and My Time, Our Place


Flamingo Family Day Care Service

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