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“Flamingo Family Day Care Service offers exceptional child care assistance. Our expertise lies in guiding clients through Centrelink inquiries, Family Assistance matters, and Child Care Regulations and Legislation.”

GAP Payments

When being allocated with your Child Care Subsidy to assist with child care expenses, you are entering into an agreement for the service to receive your % of CCS payment, leaving you with out of pocket expense to be paid electronically to our Educators. This is call the GAP payment. All families are required by law to pay the Gap to service or Educator or care arrangements may cease until gap is paid in full.

Financial Hardship Assistance

As we can't see what the future hold there may be times when financial assistance is needed. Well Services Australia are here to help. Every financial year families have access to 13 weeks paid childcare for those unforeseen circumstances of life. There is a criteria that you have to meet to apply. See the list below to see if this is something may assist your family.

The temporary financial hardship subsidy is for families who:

  • are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

  • are experiencing temporary financial hardship due to an event in the last six months

  • have a substantially reduced ability to pay child care fees.

  • The following events are considered temporary financial hardship events:

  • death of a partner or child

  • unexpected loss of employment (not including resignation or retirement)

  • loss of income or business failure due to circumstances outside of the individual’s control

  • loss of child support due to the death of a paying parent

  • the individual, or their partner, has been adversely affected by a major disaster

  • destruction of, or severe damage to, the individual, or their partner’s, home

  • having to leave home because of an extreme circumstance

  • being affected by domestic or family violence, and the family member responsible leaves, or is removed from the home.

Subsidy amount

  • Eligible families won’t have to meet activity test requirements. This means they can access up to 100 hours of subsidised child care per fortnight.

  • They’ll get the lower of either:

  • 100% of the fee charged where it’s equal to or below the hourly rate cap

  • up to 120% of the hourly rate cap where the fee charged is above the hourly rate cap.

  • The full cost of child care is usually covered.

  • The subsidy is paid directly to approved providers.

Your children's safety and well-being is our first priority.

Registering for Care

Your first contact should be with Centrelink to register your child for care. Here you will be ask series of questions to complete your activity test, to be allocated your entitled Hours of Care and your percentage of CCS. This can be done over the phone or online using your Centrelink App. (this can take up to 28 days to process)

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Choosing your Educator

When embarking on the search for quality child care, it is prudent to begin by exploring your local area. At Flamingo Family Day Care, we recognize the importance of proximity and community connections. Our commitment to excellence extends to a diverse array of Professional Educators, each offering unique and enriching educational environments. Flamingo Family Day Care operates across the following regions:

  • Ipswich City Council

  • Scenic Rim

  • Lockyer Valley

For more information explore our Educators’ profiles, please visit the Care for Kids website.

We invite you to discover the Flamingo difference—a place where care, education, and community intersect.


Settling In

We wholeheartedly recognize the anxiety parents may feel when entrusting their precious children to someone new. Rest assured, we prioritize each child’s well-being, ensuring they receive the personalized attention necessary to ease into their surroundings. Our compassionate and skilled educators are unwavering in their commitment to foster a secure and nurturing environment for our little ones.

Our mission revolves around delivering top-tier care and education. Through captivating and age-appropriate activities, we cater to each child’s unique needs. With utmost respect and empathy, we embrace our role as caregivers, dedicated to providing the very best for your beloved kids.


Payment of Fees

At Flamingo, families will receive an itemized invoice detailing the times and days charged for each week of care. The amounts listed on this invoice represent the Service Parent Levy of $1.10 per hour and the remaining Gap fee, which is outstanding.

To settle this amount, parents/guardians are requested to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the Educator’s nominated bank account. Rest assured, Flamingo diligently monitors the Educator’s account to ensure they receive their entitlements from both the service and families.

Your subsequent invoice will reflect the payment made. Please note that failure to settle outstanding fees may result in the forfeiture of your child’s placement within the service.

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