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Our Early Childhood Professionals

Selafina's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Selafina is a dedicated and experienced Educator who is passionate about Early Years Education and Care. Her environment is thoughtfully designed with educational resources suitable for all ages. In addition to her regular services, Selafina also offers a convenient transport service and occasional vacation care. Contact Selafina today to learn more about her exceptional educational programs.


Malia's Family Day Care - Springfield

At Malia's, she prides herself on offering a welcoming and nurturing home environment that is ideal for child's educational journey. Her school transport service is designed to provide you with the utmost convenience, while her vacation care excursion's are tailored to ensure your child has a fun and memorable experience. We invite you to join Malia's Family Day Care and witness your child's growth and development firsthand.


Karen's Kindy Family Day Care - Raceview

Karen understands that the physical environment plays a pivotal role in a child’s development. She doesn’t see walls, furniture, and toys as mere objects; they are collaborators in the learning journey. Karen’s space is intentionally designed—a canvas where creativity blooms, questions find answers, and friendships flourish. The walls whisper stories, and the corners invite discovery. Every nook and cranny holds potential for growth.

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Joyce's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Joyce's childcare center provides a warm and secure environment for children, making them feel at home. With a fantastic inclusive program for all ages, Joyce guides small children through their milestones of life. The service accommodates the School ages and also offers vacation care.


Kylie's Family Day Care - Flinders View

Kylie believes in the power of collaboration. Families are not just observers; they are active participants in their child’s growth. Kylie keeps parents well-informed, sharing insights, milestones, and delightful moments. Together, they form a team, a united force dedicated to nurturing each child’s potential.


Hilderguard's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Hilderguard offers before and after school care, along with engaging educational programs for school-age children. While transport isn't included, Hilderguard's focus on creating a nurturing and educational environment ensures that your child will thrive under her care, you can have peace of mind knowing that your child is in capable hands.


Lois's Family Day Care - Redbank

Lois is a dedicated Educator who provides a nurturing environment for children in her care. She offers before-school care and excursions, and encourages children to achieve their milestones with positive reinforcement. If you're looking for a caring and experienced caregiver, Lois is waiting to hear from you!


Sesilia's Family Day Care - Bellbird Park

Sesilia's is dedicated to providing top-quality care for children, with a focus on their developmental milestones. She uses positive reinforcement to help children succeed and reach their full potential. Sesilia's also offers before and after school care with transportation included. This convenient service ensures that your child is taken care of both before and after school, giving you peace of mind and your child a safe and nurturing environment

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Mimi's Family Day Care - Brassall

Elisha's childcare provides a warm and secure environment for children, making them feel at home. With a fantastic inclusive program for all ages, Elisha guides small children through their milestones of life. Elisha accommodates the under 5 age group and also offers occasional vacation care.

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Lafaele's Family Day Care - Goodna

Looking for a reliable and fun Before and After School Care for your children? Look no further than Lafaele! His sport based curriculum ensures that your kids stay active and engaged during their afternoons with him. Contact us today to learn more about our program.

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Leuaina's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Leuaina’s care extends beyond academics. She nurtures the emotional and social well-being of her young charges. For older students, she becomes a confidante, a mentor, and a guide. Leuaina listens, empathizes, and celebrates their victories. Through laughter and heart-to-heart conversations, she creates a space where emotions find expression and friendships flourish.

In Leuaina’s cozy environment, there’s always room to “hang out.” Whether it’s a quiet corner with a favorite book or a lively chat with friends, children find solace here. Leuaina encourages relaxation, play, and downtime. It’s a place where imaginations roam freely, and the pressures of the day melt away.


Netta's Family Day Care - Bellbird Park

Netta takes immense pride in curating an enriching learning environment. Her home reflects warmth, creativity, and purpose. From inviting reading corners to thoughtfully organized learning materials, every detail contributes to a space where children feel safe, valued, and eager to explore. Netta's commitment to maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment fosters a positive atmosphere for growth and discovery.


Sam's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Introducing Sam, a fantastic Educator who offers before and after school care. With a back ground in Nursing and experienced in delivering the Early Years Framework, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her childcare practice. She is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can learn and grow. Parent's can have full confidence in Sam's ability to provide quality care for their little ones.

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Herenesa's Family Day Care - Redbank Plains

Herenesa's Family Day Care service is really something special. They make sure to create a welcoming environment, and even provide before and after school transport. That's super convenient., Plus, Peter as Herenesa's relief educator, your child will always have consistent care, even during those much-needed holidays. It's like a well oiled machine! Your child is in great hands with them.

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Stella's Family Day Care - Bundamba

Stella's childcare service truly goes above and beyond. Offering a before and after School transport is such a great convenience for busy parents like you. And having Afele as a relief Educator ensure that the care provided is consistent and uninterrupted, even during holiday. Afele and Stella are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your child.

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