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Becoming a Family Day Care Educator

If you are interested in children and want to earn a healthy income from home, then family day care may be the career choice for you. Flamingo Family Day Care works in partnership with educators and will guide you through setting up and provide you with ongoing training and support. 

Your home-based business offers tax advantages and the ability to spend time with your own children.  Income levels are adjusted to your qualifications and you can work your own hours. As with any small business there are some start up costs which may include any home maintenance or changes and registration costs. You will also be required to obtain a minimum of a Certificate III in Children’s Services.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I enjoy interacting with children and value learning through play?
  • Do we have a warm family life that would give children the feeling they are welcome, secure and cared for?
  • Am I willing to complete a Certificate III in Children’s Services, Apply First Aid (Senior First Aid) and participate in ongoing training to improve my skills?
  • Can I work collaboratively with families and the Flamingo Family Day Care Coordination Unit
  • Is my indoor and outdoor space clean, tidy, safe and suitable to accommodate child care in my home?
  • Do I have access to transportation to attend play groups and network with other educators?
  • Am I and my family willing to undertake Working with Children Checks and Criminal History Checks?
  • Will my family support the changes needed to provide a child care service in our family home?


If after carefully considering these questions and talking those over with your family and you decide that you would enjoy and benefit from the experience of providing education and care for children in your own home, then you can begin the application to become a Flamingo Family Day Care Educator.


At Flamingo Family Day Care we are always interested to hear from enthusiastic early childhood professionals to join our team. We hope that you share the same passion for early childhood education as we do at Flamingo Family Day Care Services.

At Flamingo Family Day Care you will:

  • Have multiple opportunities to develop your skills in the profession

  • Have job security in an ever-growing industry and company

  • Be supported and cared for, by a professional management team

  • Be in a safe and welcomed working environment of your own home

  • Have new and changing resources and materials

  • Be acknowledged regularly for your efforts and hard work

  • Get to attend our annual Meet and Greet Event

  • Have fun with the team!

For those Educators who prefer the opportunity to run a small business and work within their own home, Family Day Care with Flamingo Family Dare Care is the service for you.

We offer:

  • Coordination team that supports and guides you through the registration  process
    continuing support and guidance in meeting Care and Education regulations

  • all the forms and documents required to meet Care and Education regulations

  • play sessions for you to meet other Family Day Care Educators

  • continuing Education,  Early Years Professional Development and other  learning opportunities










Flamingo Family Day Care Service

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