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Lets Introduce Our Team

Coordinator/ Educational Leader

Rachael has 10 years experience in the industry, working in both OSHC and Family Day Care. Rachael has a passion for educating children and assisting Educators with activities and programs they can use after being an educator herself. She is Diploma Qualified and has experience in school age activities and supporting educators in their practice. 

Manager / Nominated Supervisor

Renee has been in the Child Care Industry for 21 years

and started out as an Educator herself with Family Day

Care. Over the years she has progressed her way

through to Director and now Office Manager. Renee

has experience in Educator Service Training and

Programming and all Professional Development

requirements. She works along side of the Department

of Education and abides by the National regulations to

keep operations running smoothly.


Flamingo Family Day Care Service

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